Co-Founders Emily Simmons and Max Harden go back, way back. They grew up ski racing together in New York, cultivating a love for the mountains, travel and adventure. It was normal to race all winter long and chase snow during the summer months amongst the glaciers and ski areas of the Southern Hemisphere.  While skiing has now transitioned into recreational enjoyment and summers are spent in warmer climates, adventure continues to be the sought after escape.

We bought our ‘78 Ford E150 with the hope of doing just that; using it to explore new territories beyond the urban environments in which we live, and bringing a piece of that adventure back to our customers. While camping and manifesting that experience into a business felt natural, s’mores soon followed as an essential component that camping couldn’t be without. That and we both have an absurd sweet tooth that can’t, and hopefully will never, be cured.

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